Matcha Chai - ON SALE

Chico Chai

Matcha Chai - ON SALE
  • Matcha Chai - ON SALE
  • Matcha Chai - ON SALE
  • $13.99

Matcha and Sencha green teas, blended with mild bright spices to celebrate springtime! 

Steep Chico Chai in a tea ball, french press or teapot for five minutes for a quick cup of spiced tea, or simmer on the stove top for a stronger flavor. (Complete instructions included on package)

Each 2oz tin makes approximately 48 servings.

Organic fair trade sencha (green tea), organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic nutmeg, organic matcha (finely ground green tea leaves), organic cardamom, organic star anise, cornflower petals. 


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